Literacy Coaching and Consulting


We help urban elementary schools achieve reading success.

Kathryn travels throughout the nation to share her passion for literacy in urban elementary schools. She adds her unique techniques and successful strategies to any program.  She collaborates with parents, teachers and administrators in all aspects of reading and writing.   Kathryn is available for trainings, presentations, workshops, or coaching sessions in your school, district, organization, or conference.  Fees may very.  Contact us for further information to support your educational needs.

I have come to know Miss Starke as an extraordinary teacher.  She is one of the very best classroom instructors that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  Her creative and innovative instructional techniques coupled with her devotion to each and every one of her students set her apart as an elite reading teacher.  This instructional prowess coupled with her expertise and training in reading makes her the ideal literacy coach for any school or district.
- Matt Maher, Principal, Chesterfield County Public Schools

I was absolutely thrilled to learn that my former colleague, Kathryn Starke, would be working at my school as a literacy coach.  Having observed Ms. Starke both formally and informally, she builds positive relationships with students and staff, using the latest instructional techniques to teach students various reading strategies.  The programs she has implemented and curriculum she has developed help to reach reluctant readers and create a school community of readers.  Our teachers have developed a trusting relationship with Kathryn and are willing to implement her suggestions based on her successful experiences teaching reading.  It is evident that her non-judgmental approach and desire to always do what is best for kids is a winning combination.  Ms. Starke‚Äôs dedication to literacy makes her an ideal coach for any school or district.
- Jana Kline, Assistant Principal, Chesterfield County Public Schools

Coaching for Schools May Include the Following:

  • Plan with reading specialist and/or classroom teachers for weekly and/or quarterly instruction based on district pacing guide
  • Conduct data analysis on reading assessments with reading specialist, teachers, and administration to target standard based instruction
  • Observe classroom guided reading blocks and provide individual feedback for strengths and challenges in their classroom
  • Model reading lessons in the elementary school classroom
  • Develop a grade level or school based language arts curriculum, pacing guide, strategic instructional plan, and reading assessment calendar
  • Develop language arts block schedules to include guided reading, shared reading, writing workshop, and word study


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Our Client List
University of Chicago Urban Education Institute
VCU AmeriCorps
Chesterfield County Public Schools
Richmond Public Schools
Henrico County Public Schools
Lynchburg City Public Schools
Campbell County Public Schools
All Saints Catholic School, Richmond, Virginia
My Escuelita, Los Angeles, California

Collaboration/Joint Projects
Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, LLC

School Presentations for Teachers

"Teaching with Trade Books"
(1 hour presentation, Call for pricing)
* Connections to Common Core or State Standards

How can a second grade teacher fully explain the concept of matter to a student who reads on a kindergarten level but is expected to pass assessments and read materials at a third grade level?  This program gives classroom teachers a variety of popular children's books that can be used in small group and whole group settings to teach a particular objective.  Amy's Travels by Kathryn Starke is one of the selected books.

Kathryn Starke provided teachers with an overview of wonderful trade books and activities that correlated with the standards.  She showed teachers how to use these books across the curriculum to tie in all subjects and make learning fun for the students.
- Spencer Cross, Title I Reading Teacher, Sheffield Elementary School, Lynchburg, Virginia

Very personable presenter.  Kathryn is knowledgeable about her field.  I had a teacher say she wanted a "trade book" for a particular lesson and I was unsure exactly what she meant.  Thank you for explaining what "trade books" are to me.
- "Teaching with Trade Books" Presentation, VEMA Conference, Roanoke, VA

"Motivating Struggling Readers into Independent Readers"
(1 hour presentation + classroom instruction, Call for pricing)

This program gives educators creative and engaging activities, lessons and hands-on learning materials that will motivate struggling readers to become independent readers.  Having worked in urban schools for a decade, Kathryn Starke shares the ideas she uses every day with her own students.  Following the presentation, she will plan with teachers and give lessons and ideas to meet individual instructional needs that correlate with their curriculum and students' learning styles.  If available, Miss Starke will spend time in the classrooms during language arts instruction to model lessons or work in small group settings with struggling readers using her strategies.

The highlight of elementary school was your class; we had so much fun!  You definitely inspired me to be an avid reader.  I read everyday.  You were a true inspiration.
- Former Student, Richmond Public Schools

Kathryn's presentation is wonderful for a range of educators from novice to advanced.  Like any good teacher she understands the importance of starting where the participants are and created a tailor-made presentation for our tutoring volunteers that made them feel empowered to think creatively about literacy.  I am confident that they will excel with their newly acquired reading strategies and, in turn, our students will succeed.
- Erin Burke Brown, VCU AmeriCorps/America Reads Program